Alchemy Release

DateJul 24, 2017
Issues20 issues


We are proud to present a new release!

Important highlights from this release

  1. Many rendering improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations
  2. Separated profiles from the hub floaters such as avatar, group, and inventory properties
  3. Many stability improvements

Known Issues

  • Failure to login or connect.
    • Workaround: Only enter the first 16 characters of your password

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-509 RESOLVED Disable Receiving Group Chat Messages


  • ALCH-550 RESOLVED Clicking "OK" on texture selection for particle floater crashes alchemy
  • ALCH-548 RESOLVED Everything in the people's floater is overflowing
  • ALCH-530 RESOLVED Soma FM streams tend to drop abruptly, 5.0.x
  • ALCH-527 RESOLVED [Crash] The viewer crashes when attempting to open a script from object contents.
  • ALCH-526 RESOLVED Crash on Requesting Region Capabilities
  • ALCH-522 RESOLVED Unloaded Map Tiles in minimap lack blue under-color
  • ALCH-521 RESOLVED Texture Asset loading hits SERIOUSLY SLOW spots
  • ALCH-518 RESOLVED Rotating a Normal Map rotates entire light direction
  • ALCH-515 RESOLVED Viewer crashes when trying to access the "About Alchemy" tab
  • ALCH-514 RESOLVED Copy SLURL in about landmark doesn't work good either
  • ALCH-508 RESOLVED Viewer clock and date not showing
  • ALCH-506 RESOLVED Importing AO Notecard with error to client-side AO causes notification error
  • ALCH-502 RESOLVED Texture Downloading problems on Dire
  • ALCH-496 RESOLVED Meshes with fullbright don't display with shadows
  • ALCH-490 RESOLVED RIght click landmark -> copy SLURL doesn't work
  • ALCH-463 RESOLVED Client Side Animation Overrider Destroys Inventory Structure
  • ALCH-370 RESOLVED Can't Edit Profile from Viewer/ "About Land" Edit from menu
  • ALCH-301 RESOLVED PIck Edit Button That does Naught
  • ALCH-276 RESOLVED Advanced Lighting Model - Incorrect Rendering