x-grid-info:// scheme


Resource Identifier (RI) Scheme name:

Scheme syntax:

x-grid-info://[username[:password]@]<host>[:port]/region/<region name>[/<x position>[/<y position>[/<z position>]]]


Scheme semantics:

Opens a virtual world viewer, and depending on syntax, teleports an agent either to a grid with region and coordinates provided or attempts the command provided.

Encoding considerations:All current implementations are done in C++, anything other than UTF8 should be used with care.
Applications/protocols that use this scheme name:
Alchemy Viewer, Second Life Viewer, Singularity Viewer
Interoperability considerations:
Most applications will not support the scheme to its full specification as of this time. Use with care.
Security considerations:
Current implementations are vulnerable to DoS if passed very long uris. Use with care.
Cinder Roxley <cinder@alchemyviewer.org>