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The Wiki is still being set up, please excuse any issues you run into.

With the new software, it's taking us some time to set it all up. Please be patient if something you're looking for is missing or broken, check back often to see if it's been added/fixed.

Welcome to the Alchemy Project Wiki

This is where we post information about the Alchemy Viewer. We also have a Questions system where you can ask, answer, and comment on other questions. As well as Calendars, which can show you upcoming updates and events from the Alchemy Viewer Team.

Here are some things we intend to deliver to our users with this Wiki:

  • Viewer Documentation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Release Notes
  • FAQ

Do you want to contribute to the Wiki?

Awesome, we would love some help! Just drop us a message in our HipChat. If articles aren't really your thing, we have some other ways you can Contribute as well. Also, Huskys are adorable.


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