Alchemy Release

DateOct 25, 2015
Issues14 issues



So-cool viewer updated to the Second Life 3.8.5 codebase with many additional changes and optimizations.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Second Life 3.8.5 base
  2. libcurl 7.45.0, boost 1.59, hundreds of under the hood changes
  3. Skin installer


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-312 RESOLVED Adding a refresh button for avatars
  • ALCH-278 RESOLVED That group thing we talked about in hippotropolis
  • ALCH-270 RESOLVED Message logger/builder


  • ALCH-297 RESOLVED Make Fast Timers legend scrollable by the scroll wheel
  • ALCH-290 RESOLVED Destination Guide is not changed on teleport between OpenSim grids
  • ALCH-283 RESOLVED Grid llsd XML shows https://host:port/helpers/ for commented out [GridInfoSerivce] economy helper line


  • ALCH-328 RESOLVED Unable to re-arrange Favorite Bar LMs
  • ALCH-323 RESOLVED Login/Logout toasts not displaying special characters
  • ALCH-317 RESOLVED Legacy UDP avatar picker replies aren't picked up
  • ALCH-315 RESOLVED Notecards do not display landmarks correctly
  • ALCH-299 RESOLVED Cannot see what I say in group chat
  • ALCH-285 RESOLVED Join/part messages for IM windows parsed differently in the latest version of dire.
  • ALCH-284 RESOLVED URL parsing/highlighting