Alchemy Beta

DateApr 18, 2016
Issues41 issues



There have been many fixes, changes, and improvements since the last beta!



Important highlights from this release

  1. Reintroduced Linux Support
  2. Clientside Animation Overrider
  3. Many rendering improvements and bug fixes


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-423 RESOLVED Profile Image Width:Height Consistency
  • ALCH-412 RESOLVED Raise max sound length to 60 seconds.
  • ALCH-411 RESOLVED Allow bulk upload of j2k, ogg, and bvh
  • ALCH-391 RESOLVED Utilize upcoming currency-buy-uri OpenSim sim feature
  • ALCH-375 RESOLVED Add an audio quality option to set the internal resampler for the fmod audio engine
  • ALCH-108 RESOLVED Clientside Animation Overrider
  • ALCH-73 RESOLVED OpenSim Lightshare support


  • ALCH-419 RESOLVED Update Linux libndofdev to 0.8
  • ALCH-418 RESOLVED Update Expat to 2.1.1
  • ALCH-417 RESOLVED Update OpenAL Soft to 1.17.2
  • ALCH-410 RESOLVED Prevent flashing the toolbar for nearby chat when chat bar is active
  • ALCH-409 RESOLVED Improve UI for Nearby Chat input selection
  • ALCH-402 RESOLVED Add some specular light reflection on the water in Advanced Lighting
  • ALCH-383 RESOLVED Update FreeType to 2.6.3
  • ALCH-381 RESOLVED Update to FMOD Studio 1.08.01
  • ALCH-380 RESOLVED Update to OpenSSL 1.0.2g
  • ALCH-372 RESOLVED Update libpng to 1.6.21
  • ALCH-371 RESOLVED Update Curl to 7.48.0
  • ALCH-367 RESOLVED Integrate colon for emote suppression


  • ALCH-431 RESOLVED Crash to desktop when attempting to buy L$
  • ALCH-425 RESOLVED The play chat animations setting does not work.
  • ALCH-420 RESOLVED Invisiprims do not render in deferred shading creating an inconsistent experience with forward shading
  • ALCH-415 RESOLVED Void water height mismatched with region water height
  • ALCH-414 RESOLVED Realistic mouselook setting causes stuttering rotation of your own avatar when not in mouselook
  • ALCH-407 RESOLVED Help->Alchemy BitBucket redirects to wrong URL
  • ALCH-406 RESOLVED Build dialog Z-Axis height value clamped to 256.
  • ALCH-401 RESOLVED Fullbright ignores haze atmospherics in deferred rendering
  • ALCH-400 RESOLVED GLEW initialization failure results in viewer crash with LL_ERRS
  • ALCH-399 RESOLVED GL info fails to include list of opengl extensions
  • ALCH-398 RESOLVED World Map agent count does not include self except in hovertip
  • ALCH-389 RESOLVED Avatar cloth does not function in Advanced Lighting Mode
  • ALCH-387 RESOLVED Windlight cloud coverage and density direction parameters ignored in day cycles
  • ALCH-379 RESOLVED Layout panels spacing and offsets incorrect after last panel resulting in odd ui spacing
  • ALCH-378 RESOLVED Double click to walk while flying results in erratic avatar movement
  • ALCH-377 RESOLVED The color of objects above water are unusually bright when viewed from under water.
  • ALCH-376 RESOLVED Ambient wind is not functioning when flying
  • ALCH-374 RESOLVED Alpha objects and particles create unexpected double click teleport behavior
  • ALCH-373 RESOLVED Hud attachments conflict with click to walk
  • ALCH-345 RESOLVED Object-Object Occlusion Causes water flicker.
  • ALCH-222 RESOLVED Setting Media URL from About Land is always disabled
  • ALCH-188 RESOLVED Undefined behavior in downsample shaders when ssao or shadows are enabled