Alchemy Beta

DateOct 27, 2014
Issues28 issues



This update brings many performances improvements, library updates, and bug fixes as well as a few new features.



Important highlights from this release

  1. Updated to Second Life codebase (including HTTP pipelining)
  2. Legacy search
  3. Chat and UI updates


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-88 RESOLVED Add optional channel selector to local chatbar and an option to toggle this in preferences.
  • ALCH-76 RESOLVED Announce Incoming IMs
  • ALCH-61 RESOLVED Legacy Search
  • ALCH-58 RESOLVED Ability to export and import avatar shapes
  • ALCH-56 RESOLVED Notifications into chat for avatars entering and leaving region
  • ALCH-50 RESOLVED Ability to disable Teleport screen


  • ALCH-111 RESOLVED Move control panel to the left side of world map
  • ALCH-110 OPEN Allow setting custom dot colors on the minimap.
  • ALCH-109 RESOLVED Redesign Camera Floater
  • ALCH-107 RESOLVED Persistent storage for Recent Panel
  • ALCH-105 RESOLVED Nearby typing indicator
  • ALCH-104 RESOLVED Texture metadata decoder
  • ALCH-85 RESOLVED Redesign Events floater
  • ALCH-83 RESOLVED AES Encrypt/decrypt support
  • ALCH-82 RESOLVED Base64 Encoding support
  • ALCH-78 RESOLVED Checking the edit my objects box in profile panesl does not bring up a confirmation dialog
  • ALCH-11 RESOLVED Show IM typing notification in the CHUI "tab"


  • ALCH-118 OPEN The Landmarks Panel is pure evil
  • ALCH-115 RESOLVED Unable to launch using Alchemy app
  • ALCH-113 RESOLVED "Unable to save shape to central asset store. This is usually a temporary failure. Please customize and save wearable again in a few minutes." error when trying to save customized shape.
  • ALCH-79 RESOLVED Split long IMs into multiple messages to avoid truncation
  • ALCH-77 RESOLVED please no start after setup
  • ALCH-64 RESOLVED Opening a pick from profiles crashes.


  • ALCH-112 RESOLVED Allow dropping inventory onto profile panel to share
  • ALCH-63 RESOLVED Web-tabs for Legacy Search


  • ALCH-87 RESOLVED Group Info Sidetray refactor
  • ALCH-86 CLOSED Add Region Tracker menu item to World menu
  • ALCH-66 RESOLVED Many settings need exposed in Preferences or elsewhere