Alchemy Beta





Important highlights from this release

  1. Updated codebase to Second Life Viewer 3.7.24
  2. Official Linux support
  3. UI improvements


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-152 Port Tree and Grass Picker from Inworldz Viewer
  • ALCH-121 /tp2cam feature


  • ALCH-161 Replace the awful new object contents ui
  • ALCH-160 Import VoiceMultiInstance from Latif
  • ALCH-156 Set display name through legacy profiles
  • ALCH-155 Detailed object information in task info
  • ALCH-147 Make status bar controls collapsable to conserve space
  • ALCH-145 Allow disabling shout/whisper animations
  • ALCH-135 Zoom on profile pics
  • ALCH-126 WORN Tab in Inventory Screen
  • ALCH-125 Add tip tracker
  • ALCH-122 FlyCam Icon
  • ALCH-120 Support for Singularity & FS style log formats (IE: Space not _)
  • ALCH-110 Allow setting custom dot colors on the minimap.
  • ALCH-102 Migrate to FMOD Studio Audio Library


  • ALCH-159 Add optional description when Paying an avatar
  • ALCH-158 Fix asian fonts
  • ALCH-154 CHUI scrollbar for the conversation list doesn't scroll down far enough
  • ALCH-149 World map scrolling is buggered
  • ALCH-148 Lost and Found folder icon not shown as system folder
  • ALCH-136 Unable to use medium and long length urls in the website field (legacy profiles)
  • ALCH-130 The Time since contact on the Recent Tab of the people floater is not fully visible.
  • ALCH-119 OSX - SPOD when right clicking on things
  • ALCH-118 The Landmarks Panel is pure evil