Alchemy Beta

DateDec 25, 2014
Issues24 issues





Important highlights from this release

  1. Updated codebase to Second Life Viewer 3.7.24
  2. Official Linux support
  3. UI improvements


All updates for this release

New Feature

  • ALCH-152 RESOLVED Port Tree and Grass Picker from Inworldz Viewer
  • ALCH-121 RESOLVED /tp2cam feature


  • ALCH-161 RESOLVED Replace the awful new object contents ui
  • ALCH-160 RESOLVED Import VoiceMultiInstance from Latif
  • ALCH-156 RESOLVED Set display name through legacy profiles
  • ALCH-155 RESOLVED Detailed object information in task info
  • ALCH-147 RESOLVED Make status bar controls collapsable to conserve space
  • ALCH-145 RESOLVED Allow disabling shout/whisper animations
  • ALCH-135 RESOLVED Zoom on profile pics
  • ALCH-126 RESOLVED WORN Tab in Inventory Screen
  • ALCH-125 RESOLVED Add tip tracker
  • ALCH-122 RESOLVED FlyCam Icon
  • ALCH-120 RESOLVED Support for Singularity & FS style log formats (IE: Space not _)
  • ALCH-110 OPEN Allow setting custom dot colors on the minimap.
  • ALCH-102 RESOLVED Migrate to FMOD Studio Audio Library


  • ALCH-159 RESOLVED Add optional description when Paying an avatar
  • ALCH-158 RESOLVED Fix asian fonts
  • ALCH-154 RESOLVED CHUI scrollbar for the conversation list doesn't scroll down far enough
  • ALCH-149 RESOLVED World map scrolling is buggered
  • ALCH-148 RESOLVED Lost and Found folder icon not shown as system folder
  • ALCH-136 RESOLVED Unable to use medium and long length urls in the website field (legacy profiles)
  • ALCH-130 RESOLVED The Time since contact on the Recent Tab of the people floater is not fully visible.
  • ALCH-119 RESOLVED OSX - SPOD when right clicking on things
  • ALCH-118 OPEN The Landmarks Panel is pure evil