Alchemy Release





Important highlights from this release

  1. OpenSimulator Support
  2. Build tools improvements
  3. Second Life 3.8.2 Base and library updates
  4. Update to the Visual Studio 2015 toolchain for Windows
  5. Support for up to 2 gigabytes of texture memory


All updates for this release


  • ALCH-70 Add OpenSimulator support including hypergrid support

New Feature

  • ALCH-261 Add a means of aligning materials to texture
  • ALCH-237 Add Script Options from the Build>Scripts> menu to the right click>build> submenu
  • ALCH-74 Hypergrid support/multigrid support
  • ALCH-71 OpenSim Varregion support


  • ALCH-269 User specified time for region restarts
  • ALCH-231 Double-click teleport is slow
  • ALCH-193 Setting to disable camera reset on avatar click
  • ALCH-98 Crouch Toggle


  • ALCH-273 Texture Selector Breaking on Latest Dire Build
  • ALCH-267 Minimap tile doesn't fit right on OpenSim varregions
  • ALCH-259 Edit Terrain... Hey, where'd it go? Put it back!
  • ALCH-257 Region Server's Release Notes always "Retrieving..." in the About Alchemy floater
  • ALCH-253 Can not deactivate gestures via right click-> deactivate
  • ALCH-250 Clicking Input/Output devices doesn't show the mic slider/volume control
  • ALCH-244 When inputting Japanese, an input position doesn't move.
  • ALCH-238 Crash when Ctrl-Delete text in Script Editor
  • ALCH-217 Region name sticks to Teleport Progress floater.
  • ALCH-114 Look At Focus Sporadic


  • ALCH-69 OpenSim support for legacy search